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July 8th Meeting

Submitted by Ivon on

Hello everyone!

We will be participating in the 24th of July (Pioneer Day) parade in Logan. We will be meeting at 300 S. 100 W., at 11:15 AM. The parade will be about 1 mile, and you must wear your 2014 competition shirt (that's the most recent one). We recommend you bring a water bottle, as well - it'll probably be excessively warm. If you want more details, email Mr. Ashcroft.

Breaking News!

We have a large robotics team, around 50 people. A lot of these people joined with the expectation of working on the robot, but it's kinda hard to cycle all of them through working on the robot during the 6 weeks of build season.

As such, we will also be forming a...

*insert dramatic rolling of a cyndrilical precussion apparatus*

VEX Robotics team. 

VEX Robotics teams are formed of groups of 4-6 people, and most people will be welcome to form a team. There is no time restriction on when you must building, and the first competition is near the end of September. You can select your own group. If you want more details, email Mr. Ashcroft.

You can find the details of the current VEX Robotics Challenge here. Fundraising for VEX is probably going to be $250 USD. Not Canadian Munny. If you are in both FIRST and VEX, the fundraising sum is $350. Just attending FIRST is still the classic price of $299.99 If you want more details, email Mr. Ashcroft.

*insert commercial break here*

At the last meeting of the school year, we submitted our tie-breaking votes to decide who (between Adam Hill and Ben Lewis) would become the new Assistant Captain A (Assistant Captain 1 being filled by Simon Davies). Regretfully, the school year ended before all the votes could be tallied, and so we went home not knowing who would fill the position. Well, we've got good news for you. The new Assistant Captain A is....

*insert commercial break here*

Ben Lewis! Congratulationz, Ben! 


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team!

     "Your Neighbourhood Web Team does not come from skinny cows"


Submitted by Corey on

This, loyal MegaBots SiteGoers, will be our last Meeting Update for the year. While this is sad for all of you, we understand. And, loyal readers, it's just as sad to have to stop writing for you! Next year, though, your Neighbourhood Web Team will come back in a blaze of glory! No holds barred! (Also, we'll be a subscription service*. $12.99/week. It's worth it, we'll be like the HBO GO of the Internet**.)

Regarding the tie-breaker, Ben Lewis is the new Assistant Captain A. Congratz, Ben!

The Team may do some things over the summer, so keep an eye on your email. 


We will be participating in the the 24th of July parade in Logan. 'Twill start at 300 S 100 W Logan, UT. Be there at 11:30. The parade is aprox. 1 mile, and please wear this year's competition shirt. 

Turns out, we are actually doing very well this year in the means of fundraising. We are ending this schoolyear with around $17,000 leftover. as compared to around $5,000 in previous years. Just for comparison, that could buy us 3,090 Footlong Sandwiches from a local dealer that may or may not be a national corperation.

And, thanks for this year, members of the team! It's been a great year for us, and we hope to have one just as splendiferous next year!

~ Your Neighbourhood Web Team

"Good things happen when your Neighbourhood Web Team comes to town."


*We will not be doing this.

**It's completely not worth it, and HBO GO is the HBO GO of the Internet.

Erik's Response to the Previous Post

Submitted by Erik on

Thank you all so much!

The last 4 years have been so much fun. I've learned a lot and done my best to teach and inspire others.

I will miss you all and I will miss being on the team, but it is time for me to move on and for someone else to take my place.

The team can and will survive without me, but I will still come back and visit.

Good luck MegaBots and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Erik Sargent
(Exiting) Team Captain
InTech MegaBots
FIRST Team 2993

Meeting 5.13.14

Submitted by Ivon on

JoLA, fellow MegaBots SiteGoers! 

Today, your glorious Web Team brings you the results for Leadership next year. Two people made it:

Crystal Vejar

Simon Davies 

Alas, Ben Lewis and Adam Hill are tied. Please vote for your champion. Your leader. Your hero. Your Chosen One. Your Favourite One. ASAP.

Any bribes?

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

"Cabinets fit for your Neighbourhood Web Team, but affordable for all!"

"So easy, even your Neighbourhood Web Team can do it!"


Over the last few years, there's been a few people who are pretty much essential to the team, and without them, we wouldn't have been able to do as well as we have been doing in the competitions. Next year, one of these will be leaving us: Erik. 

If you see him, make sure you give him a big hug. 

Thanks a bunch, Erik! We'll most definently notice your absence, and will miss you!

Well, That was fun!

Submitted by Preston on

We just got done with the Smithfield Health days parade, it went pretty well.

We shot candy with the robot, and it seemed to be a hit!

~The Web Team of your Dream! How extreme. We'll boost your esteem.