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Dull Étude Op. 1, No. 1

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Come to Acoustic Night to help support the MegaBots!


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

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Happy holidays!

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Seasons greetings! 

Clean up after yourselves. If you get anything out/use anything, put it away. Also, put away your safety glasses. 

Also, grades! Make sure your grades are all at C or higher. That does not include C-. 
We ordered the frame for the robot! It should be here soon. As soon as it gets here, build team will be really busy, so if you're on build team, make sure you have all your fundraising done and that you're ready to live at school for the rest of build season.

Make sure you thank your parents for bringing food for us. If anything was left over that your parents brought, feel free to take it home. Ashcroft's corner is filing up with leftover food items that we can't really do anything with, like sour cream, lettuce, and shredded cheese. If any of that belongs to you/your parents, please take it home.

Pastarama items are due on Friday, January 29th! One week from today we will start printing tickets, but we need all of the items so we can catalogue everything before Pastarama. Pastarama will be on the 21st of February. 


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<insert number here> CHEERS FOR VEX!

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A big congratulations for at least one of our VEX teams! They had a competition today, and they did really well! They placed in second place, and they recieved the best design award! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

You should probably congratulate them in person, too. As awesome as it is that you're cheering at home at your computer, they have no idea you're doing it. Make sure you tell them in person!

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

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The title says it all. 

There was a mandatory meeting today. Unfortunately, half of you didn't show up. Who knows, maybe because it was announced via the intercom that there's no meeting?

Anyways, the meeting was mandatory. It was to show who's dedicated to the team, and who's not. 

By the decree of Your Neighbourhood Web Team, everyone who didn't show up is off the team, because Your Neighbourhood Web Team totally has the authority to do that.

Congratz to those who moved on to the next round. 

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

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"Things Doing Stuff"

Submitted by Preston on

 There is a VEX competition on Friday - talk to someone who does VEX for more information.

People keep ignoring Zeuscroft, and he is angry! C's OR HIGHER in ALL classes (NOT C-'s). If you continue coming to meetings with sub-standard grades (without a signed pardon from the teacher in question), then you will simply be booted from the team. You have been warned.


"Please do what you are supposed to" -Zeuscroft

There are a lot of people without jobs to do during meetings. If you have questions please ask your team captain, not Zeuscroft. Please no more asking "what can I do" over and over again, it is not nice. If you have nothing to do, read the game manual or do fundraising.


Hey, those of you who missed the meeting today missed a very spiffy looking CAD Model of what the robot will look like. 

Applause for Kate! Her design for the frame is "very pretty" (quote courtesy of Simon)


Make sure to keep good record of any fundraising/business contact whatsoever on the FIRST Drive.


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team~

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