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The Nine Mailboxes...And Then There Were Seven

Submitted by Ivon on

We have permission slips! If you stand next to Mr. Ashcroft's desk, they're right there. The permission slips are due on Friday. Get Dr. K's signature as soon as possible - there is several days in the week that Dr. K will not be here, and 

There is a parent meeting this Wednesday at 6:00! Everyone needs to be there, and they need to bring at least one parent. 

Also, everyone needs to register here:

After you register, your parent should get an email requiring them to complete your registration. If your parent does not do their part, you cannot come to competition! 

~Ivon Saldivar

"One mailbox, two mailbox, three mailbox, four mailbox, five mailbox....Wait, why am I counting mailboxes?" - Steven Terrance, the main character in The Nine Mailboxs...And Then There Were Seven

Realizations; Reiterations

Submitted by Ivon on

We're meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, for team pictures! Wear your pre-season shirt for this year. 

We are finalizing hotel reservations on Wednesdays, so everyone needs to have their grades at a C or higher by then or you aren't going.

We're having a parent meeting next Wednesday at 6:00 PM, in which Leadership will tell us everything we need to know about going to competition. Expect an email about it.

Fundraising was due by last Saturday, so if you don't have your $300 fundraised by now, I feel sorry for you. Ask Mr. Ashcroft for more information, it was made blatantly clear that it would be due at that time if you have been attending meetings. 

Breaking news! Mr. Ashcroft cut his hair! Prepare to not recognize him next time you see him.

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

 "I wanna type it." - Corey Schulz, editor-in-chief of YNWT

Reiterations; Realizations

Submitted by Corey on

Just to reiterate an earlier post:

"If you're on the team, be at BATC at 4:00 PM, unless you'be been told otherwise."

Because, some people can forget that and accidentally show up to InTech at 9:00 AM. 

Have fun. 


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

"One if by land, two if by sea. If we can't hold them off any longer... Send in Your Neighbourhood Web Team." - Corey

Guess what?

Submitted by Ivon on


Just in case you haven't heard, PastaRama is on the 21th! Make sure you bring your ticket, or we can't let you in. There will be food, a live auction, a silent auction, a presentation about our team, and hexbugs for sale! I can't wait!
If you're on the team, be at BATC at 4:00 PM, unless you'be been told otherwise. 
And now for the feature presentation:
Pictures! There's only one for now, but we should get a lot more when PastaRama comes around.
This is our robot, as of 2/13/15 (probably).
~Your Neighbourhood Web Team
"YNWT! Becoming a Japanese Idol group in fiscal year 2020! Look forward to it!" -- Corey

Generic Title v2

Submitted by Ivon on

Good news, everybody!

We finally know when we're taking team photos! Everyone needs to make sure they come to the meeting on Tuesday, February 24th. Wear your preseason T-shirts!

Also, PastaRama is on the 21th of February! If you aren't on the team, be there at 6, it goes till 8.  Bring your ticket. It's at BATC, your ticket has the exact address.

If you ARE on the team, you need to make sure you signed up for a job on PastaRama, and help set up beforehand. 

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

"What?" - Ben