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Meeting 4.8.14

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For those who sold Cache Valley Direct books, remembear to come next Tuesday (the 15th) to claim your prizes, glory, and honour. (See: Oreo Cookies).
EDIT: The prizes, glory, and honour will be coming next Tuesday, on the 22nd. Thank you for your time, and have a Merry Christmas. 

If you wish to order a MegaBots jacket, please pay the money ($25 or ¥ 2541.25 (That's right! We now accept Yen!)) to the proper officials. 

And finally, please turn in proof that you traveled to FRC in March to Dr. K's class by May 1st.

That's it for today, be sure to tune in next week to find out what new developments take place! As a side note, the site will essentially be updated now on a weekly basis for meeting updates, as well as special bulletins at other times. 

Meeting 3.24.14

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If you're doing FIRST for 3rd Major Projects, you should get that done before it's due. 

If you are interested in being in leadership/team captain in the future, let Mr. Ashcroft know. 

Happy December Holidays!

P.S. We will continue to have meetings every Tuesday. 

P.P.S. We will try to have a movie night sometime in the future, sometime soon. 

In Summary...Yahoo!

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Well, competition is over. We had lots of fun, and can't wait till next year.

For those of you who missed out on watching, we did pretty well. Our robot was ranked 9th overall, and we went on to the quarter-finals. Our robot worked really well, and our drive team did a good job at teamwork. 

Guess what! We won the Gracious Professionalism award for the 3rd year in a row! Good job, MegaHelpers! 

P.S. Check out our robot shooting! We're the one with the red bumpers in the center. 

Photographic Evidence II: The Return of Photographic Evidence; now with more Photographic Evidence!

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Fun fact: This site is almost as popular as Google! Almost.*

               *Note that there is a tolerance of 7,000,000,000+ people, when taking this data into account. 

Anyroad, it's that time again, site-goers! Photo time!

But, before we start our emotional journey together, NOTE: The finals are viewable through Comcast/XFINITY channel 6ish. Utah only.

 photo LKS_0101_zps4f80d69c.jpg

 One jacket, two jacket, red jacket, blue jacket!

 photo LKS_0120_zpsf410c53e.jpg

 Using the power of justice, love, and a media pass... Look what happens!

 photo LKS_0134_zpsa22a7cd8.jpg

 Starting things off right with a Green Light of Death! In other words, the match needed a rematch. Go network problems! photo LKS_0123_zps61c21758.jpg

 At least someone knows how to pose.

 photo LKS_0149_zps70465f5c.jpg

It's time... to start the preparations...

 photo LKS_0143_zpsa00d961d.jpg

Moose Pride!

 photo LKS_0159_zps47b1acbf.jpg

 More poses. Will there be even more!? Find out by reading onward!

 photo LKS_0224_zps49dc40da.jpg

 Seriousness!                 Alright. Enough of that. Where do bears live when in the military? BEARacks. Ha... ha...

 photo LKS_0249_zps18ffe7eb.jpg

 Everyone ready for the official FRC hashtag!? #OMGrobots

 photo LKS_0206_zpsfdfe5188.jpg

2993 V. 3669! Court battle, go! Actually, 3 of the judges were attourneys today. The more you know.

 photo LKS_0231_zps27949d9b.jpg

 </seriousness> Let's all come together for a pose! YAAAAAAAAY!

 photo LKS_0183_zpsc2c37a53.jpg

 Vegeta, what does the SCOUTER say about his power level!? (I think you can finish the quote by yourself.)


Well, that's all for today!

Photographic Evidence!

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Good morrow, MegaBots site-goers! 

We, your glorious Web Team will be sure to update the blog continually with a stream of pictures, and depending on hotel Internet connection, videos as well! Stay tuned!

Alternatively, if you wish to see the matches for yourself, you can watch the live stream here


Here's Thursday's pictures:

 photo LKS_9966_zps46e3a253.jpg

 Working on the robot...! 

 photo LKS_9946_zpsc41076a1.jpg

Ben's doing... something. That's probably important. Probably.

 photo LKS_9869_zps2233348b.jpg

 This is our pit. We pit cherries work on the robot here.

 photo LKS_0063_zps91b354e3.jpg

 Spoilers: It's not a real moose.

 photo LKS_0013_zps142df5b9.jpg

 More working on our glorious robot. 

Looks like that's it for today! Be on the lookout for more tomorrow night!