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"We have a meeting today." -Zeuscroft

Half of the fundraising is due by this Friday (12/19/14), $125 for Vex, $150 for FIRST, $175 for both FIRST and Vex. A agreement for money or a object may be your only way to get the money at this point.

If you don't know the website's URL, you can find it here.

Bring money to Ashcroft not Ms. Frenher, try to get it to him by Friday.

If you started a grant you need to finish it. If you don't Crystal will finish it and get the money for it.

You have to get C's or better to stay on the team.

You don't have to do the third major project to pass science

Jan. 3rd, the last Saturday before school starts, be here at 8:00 it will be a really long day.

Today may or may not be a fundraising day, but most likely it is a cleaning day.


All of you build team who take the time to look on the website there is a meeting Wensday after school.


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

Brainstorming... "It's...a comedy show." -- Ashcroft

Food Profits for Education!

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Well, rather, 15% for education and 85% to support capitalism. 

There is only one more meeting before Build Season! 

Also, there is a Panda Express fundraiser on the 12th, next Friday! Print out the document linked to below and show one of the squares to the cashier when purchasing, and 10%-20% of your order will be donated to the team!

[Link for Panda Fundraiser]


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

--In an ongoing effort to obtain an ever-increasing sense of brand unity, "Admin sign in" has henceforth been adjusted to fit these goals, and has hereby been titled "Neighbourhood Web Team sign in." Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Of Errant Posts

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Game night on Friday the 5th (That's this week)! We are having a Mario Kart 8 tournament! Admission is $5, with pizza and soda for $1 and $0.50 each, respectively. Non-Intechers can bring their own laptops, there will be Hammerwatch, Minecraft, and probably Starcraft I availible for enjoyment.

Grades! Everyone needs to have a C or higher. A C- does not count as a C. Mrs. Lutsk will be checking grades every week. SCHOOL ALWAYS HAS PRIORITY OVER ROBOTICS. 

Fundraising is due on Friday the 19th of December. If you are on FIRST, that means having at least $150 fundraised. If you are on VEX, you need $125. If you are on both FIRST and VEX, you need $175. 

We got two $2,500 grants! Congratulations to those people who helped with those. 

You can check how much you have fundraised by going to the FIRST drive, then Leadership, then Membership Documents. It is an Excel document, named Membership 2014-2015.

Everybody on the team needs to fill out the following form:


This will tell us your T-shirt size so we can order the pre-season T-shirts.

We are doing a Panda Express fundraiser on December 12th! If you cut out one of the following fliers (through the link that will soon be at the bottom of the page) and show it to the cashier when purchasing food at Panda on the 12th, and they will donate between 10 and 20% of the proceeds from your order to the team.

Doughnuts will be delivered on Friday the 4th. They can be picked up from 2-5 PM. 

The day is fast apporaching when we enter Build Season - everybody's favorite six weeks of the year. 

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

"Build season is six months long!?"

The Fundraising Edition

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"Today we're, um, going to be talking about a bunch of stuff!" -- Ashcroft

People who have missed out on safety training, we'll be working on that.

BIG NEWS! We're going to have...

...another Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Start selling! Orders stop  the morning of Tuesday, 12.2.14. The doughnuts are being delivered on 12.4.14, a Thursday.

On 12.12.14, there'll be a Panda Express fundraiser. Fliers for that released anon. Whatever you purchase, we glorious MegaBots obtain a few percents of that United States minted (or digital) currency.

In other excrutiatingly exciting fundraising news, GameKnight III will take place on 12.5.14. This one'll probably be the last one in the school year.

More. Fundraising. News. By 12.15.14, please have your munny raised. $150 for FIRST, but that's higher for VEX and FIRST combined.

IN NEWS THAT'S NOT FUNDRAISING: Please have C's or higher in all of your classes if you wish to stay on the team.

An update for VEX teams, another competition will take place on 12.12.14.

~Your Neighbourhood Fundraising Team

"Fundraisers by day, money raisers by night, and currency raisers by midday."

MegaMeetingUpdate XXVIII (+/- C)

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Aren't Roman Numerals awesome!?

Welcome to the meeting update! 

The last GameKnight went alright. It wasn't too chaotic, but the fundraising didn't go as well as last time. The next GameKnight is on December 5th. It will be the last GameKnight until after Build Season, most likely near the end of April, beginning of May. Advertize the date! December 5th!

If you are not selling your Cache Valley Direct books, give them back. Plenty of people are waiting for unsold books to be returned

Krispy Kreme! The next Krispy Kreme is happening. They will be delivered Thursday December 4th. Sell them the week before Thanksgiving, as well as the week of. 

We will be doing a Panda Express fundraiser on December 12th. Basically, you grab a flier, and if you bring the flier in on the 12th, they will donate between 10 and 20%. We will put the flier online, and you can post it on Facebook for people to print out. 

Speaking of fundraising: You are expected to have either $125, $150, or $175 fundraised by December 19th, depending on whether you are participating in VEX, FIRST, or both, respectively. If you do not meet that requirement, you will be booted off the team. 

Today was more safety training. If you missed any of it, don't worry - Ashcroft will let you know when you can make it up. 

~Your Neighbourhood WebTeam

Aren't we awesome?