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Important reminders that EVERYONE needs to see, and an update on the robot!

Here's a video we like!

This year's competition is absolutely beautiful! Take a look at it above. Exciting, isn't it? Do you think we should use grappling hooks to reach the tower? What about a black powder cannon for the boulders? The possibilities are endless (unless you read the rule book) and imagination is king (as long as it is within parameters).

Let's have fun storming the castle! Let us know your ideas and comments by clicking on the "Contact Us Today" link found below.

Welcome to our new website!

If you feel the need to compliment us, point out problems, or (goodness forbid) complain about something, feel free to do so!

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Programs we participate in:

Our team participates mainly in two Robotics competitions: FIRST, and VEX.

We also try hard to reach out to the community, and excite others about STEM fields.