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"The Pumpkins are Rising...

Submitted by Preston on

...we must attempt to live!"

We need about two or three more people to help set up our Pumpkin Walk display tomorrow after school. If you are interested please talk to Katelynn.


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Submitted by Dallin on

COME TO ALL TEAM MEETINGS. This week was pretty much mandatory - if you weren't here, you need to make it up somehow. After all, in the Game of Attendance, you come or you die.

Pumpkin Walk preperation is on 9:00 Saturday, talk to Katelyn to get government hours.


Today was safety training. If you weren't here, that's really too bad.  A couple general trainings: if you are going to the FIRST compenition you have to pass a safety test.  If you are on build team you'll need to take some other safety tests. The MegaSafety card was passed around so if you wern't here you will need to talk to Ashcroft. Also, if you weren't here you need to talk to Ashcroft to get the safety training.


The next gameKnight is in four weeks so if you want to voluneeter you need to talk to Jon. To get funding for game night you will have to help set up and and watch a room the entire time. You also have to help clean up. The upcoming GameKnights are on the 9th of November and the 15th of December.


Cache Valley Direct book money has to go to Zeuscroft, NOT Mrs. Frehner.


The main reason that people are not able to attend meetings is grades.  Go to tutoring and get those grades up. To make it to the meetings you need a C or higher. A C- is not a C.

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Pick Your Team! (In Theory.)

Submitted by Corey on

We got Cache Valley Direct books! If you want to get some to sell, talk to Mr. Ashcroft.

Pumpkin Walk! We need people to volunteer to help paint pumpkins. We'll probably be meeting on Sat. the 18th. If you are planning on coming (or not) it count's for US Gov't service credit. If you're interested, talk to Katelyn.

EVERYONE! Come to ALL the meetings.

Today actually is important, btw. Everyone should have signed up for the teams they preferred to be on (on the online form).

We are announcing the subteam members today.

Just because you were assigned to a given team doesn't mean that's all you do. If your team doesn't have anything to do, find something.

Team breakdowns!

Build team They're the ones that actually build the robot. They are the main brainstormers for the robot, and commonly clean up messes. They will build the practice arena, as well.

Business team: They fundraise! They make the sponsor packets, organize funraisers, and talk to a lot of people.

CAD team They assemble the robot digitally, in Inventor - a 3D model. They design the 3D parts that can be printed in the 3D Printer. They're the ones responsible for making sure the robot mostly works before it's built.

Electrical and Programming team They learn C++. They're the ones who program the robot - a big job. Electrical is responsible for wiring up the robot, making sure it moves the way we want it to move.

Events team: They coordinate the various events we do with business, such as game nights and Pastarama.

Outreach team They work closely with events, business, and graphics design. They are the ones responsible for getting our name out to the community.

Graphics Design team: They design the T-shirts, and buttons, and other art-related stuff.

Scouting team They scout out ideas for the robot. At the competition, they find the teams we want to be paired with. It's a hard job. They also figure out strategies.

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NWT Announcement 

If you have any questions for your Neighbourhood Web Team, please leave them in the Comments Section below! We'll respond as fast as Comcast can carry us!


NWT is back!

Submitted by Ivon on


If you are in robotics, you need to come to ALL the meetings. Pretty soon, you're gonna start missing stuff.

First thing:

Pumpkin walk!

Katelyn is in charge of the pumpkin walk. For those of you who don't know, we volunteered to do a scene in the walk. If you're interested, talk to her. We need to set up a time where we get a group of people together and paint pumpkins. If you have pumpkins you can donate, that'd be great.

If you are interested, talk to Katelyn.

Second thing:

This last Saturday, we had a VEX Competition at Bridgerland. It went well, we had two teams compete. We are looking forward to another competition coming up on the 24th (ish) at North Cache. 


Tomorrow! We are getting Cache Valley Direct books! They cost $25, and when you sell one you get half of that money ($12.50). 

They are a great deal. There is a lot of buy one, get one free stuffs, some free stuffs, and a bunch of other deals. Awesome deal.

On fundraising, Good news! We sold 365 dozen doughnuts. That's worth $3,650. We plan on doing this fundraiser again sometime. 

More fundraising:

We want to make a deal with a local resturant where they let us print out coupons. You give out these coupons, and when they purchase from the resturant on a given day using the coupons, they will donate a percentage of the purchase to our team. 

If you are interested in setting one of these events up, talk to Crystal. She will point you in the correct direction. 


Grades! To participate in robotics, you need to maintain a C or higher in all your classes. A C- does not cut it. Tuesdays after school are a great opportunity to attend peer tutoring. 

If you miss a meeting, you can always check the website for a meeting update (like this one). We have an awesome web team *cough cough* that does an awesome job at maintaining the website. 

The $35 dollar fee to join robotics is due tomorrow. 

More stuff:

We have a schedule! 

This week, there's just a bunch of announcements.

Next week! 

We will have people divided into subteams, based on that online sign up thingie we did. We will have team meetings. 

After that! Safety tests everyone will have to do

After that! We learn how to do grants.

After that! We will break into training for VEX and FIRST (We'll split into different groups).

After that! More safety training!

We'll keep you posted. Sounds like an exciting future! 

Hopefully, we will get our sponsor packet together soon.

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Submitted by Ivon on


Doughnut orders are due today. The doughnuts are being delivered on Friday, between 4:00 and 5:30. 

Today is also the last day you can sign up for robotics - all your forms need to be in today, and the $35 is due by Oct. 1st.  

We will be having another game night, in the undetermined future.

We will be selling Cache Valley Direct books starting Oct 1st, so be ready to sell those verily speedily at an increased rate!

We will be doing a section in the Pumpkin Walk! Ask Katelyn about that for more info. If you help, it will count for US Gov't service credit. If you have pumpkins you need to get rid of, feel free to donate.

Moneyz!!! We made More moneyz than ever before on Game Night, Thankz for your support!

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