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Hey! If you haven't turned in all your Cache Valley Direct books in (or the money to pay for them) you need to do that ASAP.

We submitted votes for team leadership this week! Talk to Mr. Ashcroft if you weren't here this week but still want to vote. 

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

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Leadership Voting

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We have started elections for next year's leadership positions!

The people in the running for leadership positions are:

     Brandon H

     Adam H

     Colton H






     Ben L


At some point, I will post a link for all you loyal readers to vote at.

There's no place like home

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We're home! 

Saturday was really exciting. We had two or three matches in the morning, and those went well enough. I think we were seeded at around 25 or so by lunchtime.

Right before lunch, the finalist alliances were formed. We were chosen to be in an alliance with team 3200 (Raptacon) and team 2437 (Lancer Robotics), and participated in the quarterfinal matches after lunch!

A huge congratulations goes to teams 624 (CRyptonite Robotics)*, 1619 (Up-A-Creek Robotics), and 4334 (Alberta Tech Alliance)! They took first place at this years competition, and will be continuing on to the national competition, along with several other teams.

I would also like to recognize our drivers, Ben Lewis and Luke Johnson, and thank them for having done a great job. Also, thank you to everyone who helped work on the robot and keep it running, or helped fundraise, organize food, or ran around in a moose suit looking cool (I'm looking at you, Andrew Simiskey and Preston Winn). Another huge thank you goes to our mentors, without which this year probably wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did. 


~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

*No, this is not a spelling error.

Evening of the Second Day

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It's Friday evening!*

We've made it through the second day of attending competition! Things are going well - our robot works, as far as I can tell, and our drive team is getting better. As of the ending ceremony today, we were ranked 30 out of 51. Hooray! We're doing fine so far. There's some really good teams this year, and their robots are amazing. 

You can watch Friday's matches here: (watch it on Youtube!)

You can watch Saturday's matches here: (watch it on the Utah FIRST website!) and here: (watch it on Youtube!)

I'm exhausted after today's excitement, so I'm going to end the post here. I'll post another update sometime tomorrow!

~Your Neighbourhood Web Team

*Actually, it's 10:05 as I write this, and no longer qualifies as Friday evening so much as Friday night.

Evening of the First Day

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We sucessfully attended day one of the competition - Thursday! I think it actually started on Wednesday, but that doesn't matter 'cause we didn't attend Wednesday. 

So far, nothing much exciting has happened. Good news! I think our robot is working, for the most part. We'll probably name it (the robot) tonight. 

Here is a link to the live stream (Although I don't know if it works - the video tells me that the stream is blocked in our country): There is also a schedule of the competition on the same page.

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